"MORE than learning, I am EVOLVING. Here you achieve your next level AND continue from there on an exponential curve in growth. I've changed the way I approach challenges… and I am working in ways that I did not think were possible for me."
~ P Alexius | Engineer | Entrepreneur | Marietta GA

"Coaching at this level is my secret weapon. The insights and deep work to release everything that was holding me back, has me way ahead of the curve. I’m moving towards my goals faster than I thought possible." 
~ A | C-Suite Executive | Tampa FL

Coaching with Amy is powerful.  Her mindset performance process will enrich your personal life and her tactical coaching will amplify your business.  Changes for me both personally and professionally have been dramatic! The results of one of our sessions alone lead to more progress in days than in years.  Thank you Amy!
~ M Concannon | Sales Executive Retiree | Entrepreneur | Woodstock

If you're looking to seriously take your business to the next level trust me you NEED Amy Ransdell. Amy helped me quickly uncover things I was doing that were wasting my time. We uncovered a number of things I could tweak, she
helped me gain amazing insights, and inspired innovative ways to leverage my business.  I have no doubt I will at least double, maybe triple my revenue in the next 30 days. I can't recommend her enough.

If you don’t believe me, well watch my business EXPLODE after my call with
her today.  She's a
F#@!ng RockStar.

~  Sean Christopher | Wellness Expert | Investor |

Entrepreneur | KY 

I’ve worked with life coaches, mental toughness coaches, mindset coaches, time-management coaches, sales coaches. I’ve taken courses, programs, went to seminars, even sat for certifications in the same programs those coaches do to help clients get results.  I did ALL of that in an attempt to help myself accomplish my goals faster…

& NOTHING COMPARES to the RESULTS I’ve experienced working directly with Amy.  She is NOT a life or mindset coach. No, her coaching is much more targeted and goes much deeper than that. I’ve achieved more progress in less time working with her than all my other efforts combined.”

~ Chris | Investor | Business Owner | FL  

….Amy’s coaching was on another level
                       I made years of progress in days…

Recently I participated in Amy’s 2.5 day deep Neuro Re-Set. I have participated in many coaching programs and am myself certified by two well know coaches. AND without a doubt, Amy’s program is tops with regard to the comprehensiveness of the pre-work, the breadth of  tools used, her coaching style, her experience, the content, her attention and hospitality, and the plan for follow-up.

Extremely impressed with the experience and the impact it has had on me. I’ve cleared my limiting beliefs and feel empowered now to step into all I’m creating. With a high degree of certainty I believe the work we accomplished not only is serving my present, but will continue to serve me in my personal and business life. Yes, I recommend Amy and her programs to anyone at any level of their journey.

~  John Grillo | Career Executive VP  | Entrepreneur | NYC 


I was depressed, felt lost, and didn’t want to get out of bed or even turn my camera on. During the call Amy helped me dig deep. She helped me FIND MY PASSION again. She asked real & honest questions that helped me figure out what I truly want to do that would not only produce value for people, but would also create for me JOY and happiness too.

I ended the call with my camera on, up on my feet, & excited. Headed to the gym right after …hitting it every day since.”

~ Daniel United States Marine
Entrepreneur | Chattanooga TN

"I have my life back! I went from feeling hopelessly stuck in an emotional trauma loop to feeling energized, inspired, and in constant FLOW!

I’ve already manifested more than ever before by fully stepping into my power. My daughter is happy to have her mom back! My clients and friends all appreciate my full presence again.

AND I booked a client for even higher than the amount per hour we reversed engineered to in our coaching session. The amount is 98% MORE than I believed I was worth before working together.

There are no words that can properly articulate how incredibly grateful I am."

~Lauren | Entrepreneur | Coach | TX

~Lauren | Entrepreneur | Single Mom | TX

"After 30 years public service, almost 10 years in the military and 22 plus in law enforcement I found myself at a crossroads as I entered the next season of my life.  Battling doubt, procrastination, and a lack of clarity I was asking myself if this was as good as it gets, was I willing to settle for less than the extraordinary life I wanted? My answer? I’m not and never will. 

After a few powerful sessions with Amy, I was able to identify exactly what was holding me back. As my coach she serves up the ‘hard’ sometimes painful truth as well as professional insight into my beliefs, behaviors and actions.  Together we’ve obliterated what was draining my focus and robbing me of peace.  We’ve forged the tactical disciplines needed to craft my amazing life. I feel empowered and have zero doubt I’ll be a 10 figure entrepreneur faster than I imagined.

You get one life ..you can have one full of doubt fear and loss, or one filled with peace and abundance.
Which one will you settle for?

Working with Amy is invaluable.
If you have the chance to work
with her directly take it!”

~ Lamonte Bynum | United States Marine | Special Agent | Entrepreneur | GA

"Having worked with Amy for a number of years, I can tell you you will not find many people as uniquely qualified as her to solve challenges. You will gain perspectives you didn't even knew existed .... Creative, purposeful and determined, Amy is the kind of person you want on your team to get the job done. Extremely highly recommended that you work with her now." 

~ Frank | Investor | Entrepreneur | GA

"Amy is a well known (and equally well respected) pillar in the real estate community. Her expertise is far reaching, and she's built a solid reputation for being generous with guidance and direction (informed by actual experience). Her work speaks for itself, and the many clients she's advised and wisdom she's shared, is immeasurably valuable. A pleasure to know, and to both work with and learn from."

~ Judah and Lindsey Michael | Investor | Realtor® | CA